About us

Volume Tableware specialise in the manufacture and exportation of hotel ware, ovenware, dinnerware, porcelain and fine china products that sell successfully around the world.

Our business is based on
affordability, durability and design

We’re owned and operated by expatriate Australians living in China.

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Volume Tableware is located in Hong Kong / China and is a manufacturer / exporter of commercial white super vitrified hotelware, ovenware, dinnerware, porcelain crockery and fine china suitable for foodservice, restaurants, hotels, caterers, cafes, pubs etc. Specializing in wide rim /rolled edge and narrow rim plates, bowls, cups, coupe, saucers, mugs, ramekins, creamers, casserole dishes, platters, jugs, dishes, nappies, bouillons and gastronorm. All products are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Products come in shapes such as round, square, rectangular, oval and triangular.