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Steak Plate

French Deep Oval Plate

Divided Oval Eared Dish

Round Eared Dish

Oval Eared Dish

Rectangle Deep Gratin

Oval Sole Dish

Rectangle Shallow Gratin

Square Circle Gratin

Square Shallow Gratin

Oblong Sole Dish

Rectangle Oval Gratin

Oblong Roster

Lotus Bowl

Salad Server

Room Tureen

Pate Terrine

Serves Bowl

Snail Plate

Tasting Spoon

Large Salad Bowl

Vegetable Dish 3 Section

Mussel Plate

Tart Dish

Triangle/Flan Dish/Mini Suqare Dish/Flat

Rounded Square/Pot/Ribbed/Circle

Scallop Shell/Shell

Butter Pad


Mustard Pot/Milk Jug/Bowl

Flan Dish

Soup Terrine

Pizza Plate


Lion Head Bowl

Souffle Dish

Cream Cow

Cheese Board
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